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  • Ville Puoskari

Trip to the Canary Islands

Me and my wife had a fantastic honeymoon in Gran Canaria, we spent a week in the village of Teror. Obviously I had to bring some astrophotography gear with me and I had negotiated with her to spend one clear night during our trip for astrophotography. So during sunset I started my way up the mountain with a rental car. The road was very narrow and full of tight turns, to be honest it frightened me a bit. As I arrived on my preplanned spot I was greeted with a fantastic sunset!

After sunset I noticed that there was a single streetlight there that blocked out the night sky! I decided not to abandon the place however as it had a fantastic view of Rogue Nublo and Rogue Bentayga mountain peaks and I hiked a bit further away from the parking lot. There I found a small spot that was even enough that I felt that I can stand there without tumbling down the mountain side in darkness and it served as a cover for the wind that rushed down the valley. I set up my Star Adventurer 2i Pro with Sony A5000 and Sigma 16mm f/1.4 lens there and as I turned my flashlight off my first thought was that there is clouds in the horizon right where Milky Way is supposed to be! I quickly snapped a photo and bursted in laughter, it wasn't clouds. It was the core of our galaxy that was so bright that I had mistaken it for clouds reflecting light pollution. After snapping some tracked pictures I shot the foreground untracked and combined them in Photoshop. I think they came out great as this technique is new to me. After photographing I just watched the constellations and Milky Way setting down in the fog far away in Atlantic ocean. For me it was a moment that I will never forget! Only thing that forced me back were my ankles that were killing me after spending hours in the steep mountain side but it was worth every second of it.


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