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My journey in the world of astronomy began in 2012, when my friend called me and asked me to go stargazing with him. He brought along his telescope and pointed it to a bright "star" in the sky. Once I saw the view in the eyepiece I was stunned - the view was literally out of this world! The telescope was pointing at Jupiter. In the surface pointing at us was the largest storm in the solar system called the great red spot. Also the Galilean moons were clearly visible, two on each side of the planet. That view changed my perspective of the sky above me forever. After all that device made it possible to see details in the surface of another planet 700 million kilometers away! To a 15 year old boy that was mind blowing.

Since then its been my passion to observe our universe in all of its beauty and for many years I was mostly doing visual astronomy with different telescopes. As years passed I got more into astrophotography and in 2019 I built my own observatory in Varkaus, Finland with another friend of mine. We share a passion in astrophotography so it was cost effective to build an observatory for multiple telescopes.
It is located in one of the darkest places in the province and is almost completely free of light pollution. Right next to it is Taurus Hill observatory complex that belongs to amateur astronomical association Warkauden Kassiopeia. Please see the observatory page for more details.

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