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  • Ville Puoskari

Season end 2021

Season 2021-2022 has ended, once again the lack of astronomical darkness has come and deep sky imaging cant be done until autumn. This year I learned alot about image processing, built some circuitry and microcontroller codes myself. Those skills are something to cherish in the future aswell. The observatory roof has worked flawlessly all season, after replacing the wheels it seems to handle more snow accumulation and it moves way smoother with less strain on the motor. On the downside, I encountered some problems with my mount - again. This year it was due to faulty OnStep controller. I changed it to EQMOD -based controlled called EQStarPro and after that I was back on track. The OnStep however decided to FUBAR itself in the biggest clear spell in the season, so I did take some losses in exposure time. Still, I managed to collect ~250 hours of light with my telescope!

Also my allsky camera has worked flawlessly all season, it has captured multiple displays of auroras, fireballs, lunar halos, even some rocket lauches. You can browse observations made with it here.


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